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Used Appliances | Good As New Appliances - Knoxville, TN

Let’s face it, money is tight for many of us. With household bills on the rise and wages going down in real terms, any spare cash we used to have at the end of each month seems to have disappeared.

So what happens when your washing machine stops working or the dryer refuses to start in the middle of winter when it is pouring with rain outside?

Buying new isn’t always an option for many people. Here at Good as New Appliances, we understand that not everyone is in a position to buy a brand new appliance, however desperate their need. We offer an extensive range of used appliances.

There is one main advantage to buying a used or “pre loved” piece of equipment.

Savings—Used appliances will cost considerably less than buying brand new. Whilst it may not look as new and shiny as an appliance that is straight out of the wrapper, you can be sure that Good as New Appliances are in great working order and fit for purpose, meeting all electrical safety regulations.

Our warehouse is stacked full of just about any item of used appliances that you can think of. Come and talk to our friendly staff. They will explain the pros and cons of any of our stock and advise you on the best appliance for your needs.

Even though these products are not brand new, here at Good as New Appliances, we still offer our own warranty to ensure that you have total confidence in your purchase. Our appliances offer great value for the money and we can deliver right to your door if you wish.

Come in and have a look around. We are open six days a week and would love to welcome you to our warehouse! Come in and see us today.